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Recent Enhancements
The 'Sell on Internet' field within the inventory look-up was expanded to include an additional column which represents if an image and an extended description are present.
Y - Y This item will appear on your e-com site and has an image associated with it.
N - Y This item will not appear on your e-com site, but if you change your mind the image and extended descritpion are ready to be posted.
Wholesale Prcing Now Available:
If enabled, assign a customer to one of five price levels, with retail being the default. If your business particiapates in the wholesale trade you can assign customer to Retail, Price A, B, C or D, each having a deeper discount. Wholesale customers don't qualify for your in-store promotions, coupons, discount groups or your in-store rewards program.
Lightning E-Commerce now supports a Guest Checkout (must be enabled in the setup).  Faster checkout and allows you to adapt to customer behaviors.
Significant improvements on loading an E-Commerce order onto the Ring Sales screen which also includes a nice enhancement to clearly show the method of delivery..Hand Deliver, Ship or Will Pickup at Store.
The Lightning E-Commerce Dashboard now indicates the source of the order. I.E. Browser, iOS App, Android or Other.
Lightning Corporate Office enhancements when a new store comes online related to assigning access rights.
On-going enhancements to our Lightning E-Commerce platform, streamlining our quick re-ordering process, managing the rewards program (if applicable), searching refinements, improvements on ‘Returns’ from the My Dashboard interface,  cosmetic enhancements on the mobile and desktop views, e-mailing setup issues were corrected and beyond.  Our platform is moving forward fast....we welcome all our retailers to start their E-Commerce store front.
We recently released our mobile app for our e-commerce retailers for their customers.  Your customers can shop on your very own brand mobile app.  If you’re a Lightning E-Commerce merchant, please ask us about a mobile app for your clients as there is no additional charge.
Substanitial Lightning for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) enhancements encompassing cash drops, Improved cash drawer management, delivery module tweaks, and more were posted to the Apps Store in late June.
Our Lightning Corporate Office was enhanced to better reflect the franchise numbe, along with the Lightning store number on various sections of the platform. 
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