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Recent Enhancements
Windows 11 ALERT UPDATE- This is not supported at this time as a register.  All back-office, non-register, stations can update to Windows 11.  However, all stations you utilize as a register SHOULD NOT update to Windows 11 at this time. We expect full Windows 11 support in early February 2022.
Multi-store customers will now see a ‘Location’ button in the inventory that will display locations the item is/in-not present in.  Along with other pertinent data such as quantity on hand, last sold, etc.  You can also quickly add an item to the store(‘s) the stores in question.
Mass Updating of Retail, Cost, or Last Cost fields can be performed via our 'Mass Update' feature found under the 'Inventory' section.  This is best utilized if you a store or enterprise wants to update these key fields immediately in bulk by importing a CSV file.
A store can now block out the quantity field on the Ring Sale screen which can be enabled in Global Setup, POS Options sections.
For stores that do not accept cash, you can now disable the cash payment option.
Spectacular Enhancement - We have introduced our enhanced pole display which is based on an eight-inch Android tablet.  This is impressive.
We have added a new credit card device to our portfolio, PaxS300.
Lightning e-commerce and our mobile apps continue to expand.
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