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Recent Enhancements
Lightning Corporate Office users will appreciate the added functionality when creating a Store Transfer where that item is not in the X store.  An option will now be presented to quickly add X items to that local store.
Enhanced Pole Display users can now upload two of their images. This hot, highly recommended product is part of your monthly subscription but requires a $4.49 per pole per month monitoring fee. 
The Lightning Club Module V2.0 was released, and it now uses USA E-Pay. Backend setup work is required to upgrade your module, so please contact our sales department. NOTE: EPSG & Computer Perfect will disconnect the older club module in a few months, so this is a mandatory upgrade.
Lightning Kiosk updates were released, reflecting a slightly modified user interface. This Android application is included in your monthly subscription but requires a $4.49 monitoring fee.
Lightning Corporate Office - The Store Transfer has been improved when transferring items that are not present in the receiving location,
E-Commerce - Users can now insert a disclaimer in their footer.
Lightning Corporate Office: We’re thrilled to unveil a new feature specially designed for businesses with multiple locations. Understanding the complexity and need for seamless data integration across your enterprise, we've made significant enhancements to the Inventory/Sales History tab.

What’s New:
Centralized Data View: Get a unified view of inventory quantities across all your remote locations. 

Consolidated Sales Insights: In addition to inventory, you can now see combined sales data from all locations in one place. This centralized sales history makes it easier to make informed decisions, identify trends, and spot opportunities for growth.

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to providing robust, intuitive tools that support your business’s growth and operational efficiency. By giving you a comprehensive overview of your inventory and sales, we aim to help you optimize your operations and drive better business decisions.
Pax tipping enhancement: We're excited to announce an enhancement to our Pax family of devices! Now, you can add a tip even after a transaction has been completed. This update is designed to provide customers and stores more convenience and options for tipping.

Key Features:
Post-Transaction Tipping: No worries if you forgot to add a tip during payment. After completing the transaction, you can now easily add a tip, ensuring that excellent service is consistently recognized.

Flexible Tipping Options: Stores can customize how they handle tipping. You can set up your Pax credit card devices to either prompt for a tip during the customer’s checkout process or allow customers to add a tip after completing their transaction.

This enhancement is part of our commitment to improving your payment experience, offering convenience and choice for your business and customers.
Lightning E-Commerce:  Standing as the market's most integrated e-commerce platform, it is designed to cater to businesses seeking a seamless, efficient online selling experience. Recognizing some users may not yet have discovered its full potential. We're committed to ensuring ease of use and robust support to navigate its rich features. Lightning E-Commerce offers a streamlined migration process for businesses contemplating a switch, minimizing disruption and maximizing value from day one. Our platform's distinct advantages are matched with an active effort to increase awareness about how our comprehensive solutions can drive growth and efficiency for online stores. By focusing on user education and highlighting our unique benefits, we invite more businesses to explore how Lightning E-Commerce can enhance their online presence and sales capabilities, ensuring they have all the tools needed for success in the digital marketplace.
Lightning Kiosk: Discover the future of customer engagement with our Lightning Kiosk – a comprehensive solution designed to elevate the in-store experience. This state-of-the-art kiosk is engineered to be more than just a point of interaction; it's a full-service hub where customers can access rewards data, manage gift cards, review their purchase history, and much more. Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable tool for any retail environment, enabling shoppers to enjoy a level of autonomy and personalization that was previously unimaginable.

With the Lightning Kiosk in your store, you're not just offering a service but creating a seamless, engaging shopping journey that empowers your customers and fosters loyalty. There's no reason for any forward-thinking retailer without this cutting-edge technology. It’s an investment in enhancing your customer's experience, streamlining operations, and setting your store apart in today's competitive market. Make the smart choice for your business and customers with the Lightning Kiosk – where convenience meets innovation.
Enhanced Pole Display. Designed with the retailer and customer in mind, this cutting-edge product seamlessly integrates into your checkout process, offering transparent, dynamic displays that engage and inform your customers at the point of sale. Its sleek design and user-friendly interface make it not just a tool but an enhancement to the shopping environment, fostering a positive and modern checkout experience. Whether you're looking to provide transaction details in real-time or add a touch of technological sophistication to your store, the Lightning Enhanced Pole Display is the perfect choice. Embrace this opportunity to distinguish your business and captivate your customers with every transaction.
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