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Recent Enhancements
Reorder alert enhancements now take into consideration items that are currently on order
Sales Summary: If the First Sale and Last Sale are on two different days then that line will turn green. This logic now matches the Re-Print Close the Day report.
Time Clock:  Enhancements to include revenue, manual time clock overrides and exporting abilities
The Popularity Report is now available in Lightning Corporate Office.
Previous Inventory Levels: - Go back in time to review inventory levels for any given day. Need to know your inventory status on February 15, 2018...click, click...done.
Inventory Security Log: Major improvements, such as user definable field selection, qty changes before / after / Net Adjustment, qty change reason reporting, store/warehouse, cost, department, exporting to Excel, printing and more.
Qty on Hand Change Reason Reporting:  Enabled by default, within the inventory record, if a user changes the qty, on top of our current audit log, we now add a text box for ‘Why.’
Lightning Corporate Office, Sales Summary enhancments when setting the default for each of the three variations.
Improvements to the inventory report for items setup as a 'Multi-Pack'
Our Beverage Media interface continues to envolve.
Payment on House Accounts can now be performed on the Windows & Mac platforms.
Customer Profile improvements from the general setup to data entry.
The 'Quantities Sold' report now includes options when Kit/Club items are present.  If you don't see these new options, then that indicates you have not sold any Kit/Club items within that period.
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